Our Story

Mark and I dreamed of hosting guests at our farmhouse for years. Updating this lovely old farmhouse built in 1900 and updated in 2022 has been a labor of love. The home is on a farm that has been around for 200 years. A bit of Tennessee history. We love our horses spending time on this farm. We love to share our slice of Paradise with others who enjoy the same. We have wild turkeys and their babies. Lots of birds of all types, and even a few red baby foxes. This year we added a sweet mare and her foal, Lilith and Jazz respectively. they were off to Mexico and an uncertain future. We also added two Old English Sheepdogs, Isabel and Issac. They, along with Gunnar, make up our canine population. Oliver and Rosie round out the feline friends. 

The rural location called to us. The spring-feed pond, and the canopy of wonderful mature trees we could not resist. So many of the trees have been here before the farm itself. What stories they could tell. We have a mix of pear, apple, fig, walnut trees and many other species. The history of the farm captivated both of us and we saw paradise despite the dilapidated shape of most structures on the farm. We use our imagination to show us the potential. A mid-century home and a farmhouse built in 1900 begged us for new dresses outside and inside. In the serenity of this farm, we knew we could make something wonderful happen. RM Property Holdings, LLC, DBA Tennessee Destination Farms was born. 

A quiet, peaceful pastoral setting with large dosages of nature’s bounty paired with modern conveniences, we created our own oasis northwest of Nashville. Enjoy the calm, tranquil setting outside on any of our four separate outdoor spaces, as well as the lovely tribute to Nashville inside with special decor of The Phoenix House. All the amenities of a new house in an original 1900 built farmhouse frame. From special vignettes to take family photos to the old tractor and vintage car collections, you can create a special place to build your own memories as we built ours. 

Rhonda and Mark May

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